The core of the Le Riche winemaking ethos is to be traditionally simplistic yet innovative. We strive to ensure that everything we do is driven by producing classic Cabernet Sauvignon that captures the detail, complexity and heritage of the Stellenbosch region.

Our winemaking philosophy starts where all great winemaking should: in the vineyard.

We prefer to approach each block individually, placing great effort and knowledge into specifics such as soil health, canopy management, vineyard row selection, pruning and the timing of harvest.

Once the grapes enter the Le Riche cellar, our motivation continues to be how best to express each site.

The fermentation vessel, extraction method, length of berry skin contact and ageing is all dictated by the vineyard. This includes a minimal intervention approach to maintain a varietal purity, along with small batch fermentations that are kept separate through ageing.

The final and most important step is blending. Our work in expressing each vineyard site and separating every fermentation all add to the building blocks of our Cabernet Sauvignon blends. This ensures quality and consistency across our highly focused range and showcases the region of Stellenbosch through our wines.

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